Enough Already: an Arduino based audio-b-gone for TV

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Matt Richardson over at MAKE presents this cool solution to listening to the audio portion of the garbage overload known as entertainment news. He has design this project known as Enough Already which mutes the audio portion of a TV program when certain words are mentioned.

The hardware consists of an Arduino and the Video Experimenter Shield which reads the closed caption data from the NTSC video signal and sends the Mute command to the TV via an IR LED. You can download the Arduino sketch from this Makezine Google code page. As written the program keeps the TV muted for 30 seconds when one of the programmed trigger words (‘PALIN”, “TRUMP”, “KARDASHIAN”, “JEFFS”) appears in the caption data string. You can modify the code to include your own words, change the duration of the mute, etc. You could even modify it only unmute when certain words were used.

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