Altera’s BeInMotion FPGA motor control kit

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In this video from Altera, they highlight the advantages of using FPGAs in motor control. The video is based on BeMicro’s BeInMotion SDK motor control kit from Arrow Electronics.

Looks interesting, however the $79 hardware kit isn’t yet in stock, and the BeMicro SDK is sold separately for $79.

A number of training workshops are planned where it appears you can get the hardware, software SDK and workshop registration for $145.

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  1. Jeesh. That guy gives me the creeps.
    Didn’t know Altera employs pod people.

  2. Anil Jangra says:

    I have been thinking from long time to learn FPGA, at this price there should be no excuse no to take give it a try. I hope its not harder to learn than a micro controller !

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