A large scale 3D printer

Extruder Drive

The creative makers at Metrix Create: Space have had their first successfully print on the Big Robot, which is a CNC router table converted into a large extrusion based 3D printer.  The basic technology is much like a RepRap, but the nozzle is about 6mm, while most RepRap nozzles are around 0.5mm.  It currently prints using HDPE from old milk jugs that have been run through an industrial shredder to make chips.  These are then feed into a drill auger driven extruder.

Their first goal is to print a boat, presumably for a milk carton boat derby.  After that they are asking for input on other things that would be good to print on a large 3D printer.  We think printing full sized people could be very interesting.

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  1. Kevin says:

    You could print the milkman. LOL.

  2. Kevin says:

    Or a cow :D

  3. love this idea of large scale printing . i have a Chihuahua for a pet ,would it be possible to print a copyof a dog an a dog House with his mane on the front .
    or maybe lampshades

  4. auto parts mock ups like fenders an or body pannels door pannels or hoods
    maybe using a carbon fiber type material an a polymeras a bonding agent
    elimating the need for a stamping plant an sheet steel production

    autos that dont rust the chev volt first concept full electric no gas engine for recharging

  5. adam says:

    Print an entire Printrbot!
    No, seriously, a printer that can print at that size has a huge amount of possibilities. For example, you could print a roomful of furniture.
    I also love the idea of using milk cartons. I assume that old prints would also be shreddable and reusable.

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