Bitbang VGA from an SD card slot

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The Ben NanoNote is a cheap netbook without VGA video output. This hack connects a VGA cable to the SD card slot and uses software to bitbang a VGA signal.

This hack is accomplished using the Universal Breakout Board (UBB) which slides into the SD slot providing access to these signals. The UBB interfaces with the VGA connector via a handful of resistors. The schematic and code for the Ben are posted on the project’s site.

Thanks Kelvin! Via the contact form, originally Slashdot.


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  1. David says:

    Nope, it’s more than bitbanging. While the first implementation [1] used bit-banging to get some low-resolution (sub-QVGA) mode with 8 colors, the newer version [2] has the SDIO controller output blocks of (line-)data to the 4 MMC data-lines. Also that version features 16 colors by using resistors to implement the standard 16-color VGA palette.


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