Fusion PCB service upgraded, less expensive

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Seeed expanded their Fusion PCB service and made it even cheaper. A 10x10cm PCB starts at only $25. Yeah!

The maximum board size is now 20x20cm. You also get a choice of PCB thickness – USB edge connector here we come.

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  1. DrF says:

    Always nice to see prices that work out in the buyers favor. Hopefully the quality is still good though.

  2. haley says:

    That was close!

    I was about to put an order of PCB at Itead and this popped up

  3. octal says:

    What PCB thickness do you use usually Ian (for webplatform for example) ?

  4. Gridstop says:

    Some of these prices are unreal. $110 for 50x 10cm by 10cm? Only $15 more for ENIG regardless of quantity?

    Also now that they offer a 100 qty service, I wonder if they will offer black soldermask eventually. I asked one time and they said it was only available on orders of 100+.

  5. Gridstop says:

    Also, Propagate looks like it could be amazing too. I’m envisioning kits with TSSOP/QFP/QFN type parts pre-soldered.

  6. Drone says:

    I wish Seeed would find a way to make Propagate work with lower quantities. It is supposedly qty.-100 and up now. More on the Propagate board-stuff service here:


  7. abonnar says:

    this only works if they deliver your order or if that fails they give you refund inn the latter instance dont hold your breath i have been waiting four months for my refund hey wont even respond to pay-pal so be warned

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