Penguin Atmega32 game system

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vladutz2000 has published plans for an overclocked Atmega32 based 8-bit game system. Dubbed the Penguin, this project runs the chip at 27 MHz instead of the usual 16 MHz and uses a 128×64 monochrome KS0108 based display along with a speaker and handful of resistors and pushbuttons. The schematic couldn’t be simpler and it, along with the source code written in Mikroelektronika MikroC pro for AVR v1.45, sprite and modeling tools are available on Sourceforge. (Unfortunately the music creation tool is not yet available due to vladutz2000 hard drive crash.)

Via Instructables.

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  1. Arup Basak says:

    I’d like to make, but my ATMEGA32 dev board uses default 4Mhz crystal. If I replace the crystal to 16Mhz(max) will not the game played?

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