EAGLE open XML format for schematics, PCBs

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CadSoft is developing new open, XML-based file formats for the Eagle schematic and PCB editor. This means easier version control, something we gripped about earlier today, and better interoperability among CAD applications.

The CadSoft EAGLE development team is developing a new format for schematic, layout and parts libraries that is XML, this means every object and line will be written out in text description.

This will be a fully documented format and also of course a converter for old CadSoft EAGLE binary-type formats

You won’t have to worry about binary file corruption, you will be able to hand-edit or generate schematics and layouts and of course the magic of version-control (such as github) will be easier than ever with real text ‘diff’s!

Discussion is happening here, thanks Folknology!

Via Adafruit.

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  1. Folknology says:

    You should include a link to the discussion also:


  2. x893 says:

    To change internal format to xml (or other) not need develop application. Only 2 procedure – Open and Save. So it not a big job.

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