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Are there any ‘power tools’ that would make the Bus Pirate more useful? We want to develop a collection of cross-platform command line utilities for common stuff.

There’s already two apps. The first accesses the SPI sniffer from binary mode for maximum speed. The second is a self-test utility that will be used in production.

Next we’ll release an I2C sniffer and EEPROM reader utilities. Please add your suggestions below.

There’s a simple C framework you can use to build your own programs that access the Bus Pirate. It compiles with open source tools, we’re using Codeblocks+MinGW. Get the latest version in SVN.

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  1. James says:

    It mixes with the other discussion at the moment regarding the function generator test equipment, but why not do a quick app for a single or dual channel freq generator?
    I also have immediate need for something that has two outputs of which they one shot with a specific period between the rising edge of each pulse.
    Used for starting and stopping a timer to measure rate of speed. One output is for start, the other for stop.

  2. Sjaak says:

    Happy sniffing.. I have a visual of a cartoon (IR baboon and weazel)

    .. never mind ..


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