Bus Pirate firmware v5.5

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Bus Pirate firmware v5.5 is ready to download. This version has a few new features and a couple bug fixes.

Read about the firmware update process for the ds30 Loader GUI (Windows/Linux) and pirate-loader console app (Windows/Linux/Mac). This firmware requires the v4+ bootloader, be sure you upgrade to the v4 bootloader first if you still have bootloader v2.

What’s on your wishlist for release 5.6?

Get a Bus Pirate for $30, including worldwide shipping at Seeed Studio. Adafruit also has the Bus Pirate and probe cables in stock and ready to ship.

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  1. DrF says:

    Thanks, can hardly keep up with all the updates & developments around here :D

  2. octal says:

    helli Ian,
    I’m checking if we could split the firmware in independent chuncks, compile each chunck apart, and provide a “dynamic loader” that will let users select the module they need and upload it directly to BusPirate. The idea is not to touch to add directives in source code and recompile, the idea is to provide compiled hex parts of the firmware that can be uploaded by the bootloader to rom and let the master program call them directly. I dont know how feasible is that (by playing with ORGing code and shared data buffers …. but if it succeed we dont need to change the mcu on BusPirate.

    • Sjaak says:

      We actually already looked into that, but it would require a major rework of the code. To us it seems too much work and only a shorttime solution (not worth the hassle). Feel free though ;)

      The buspirate nextgen (to give it a name) will be also on the same platform (pic24fjxxxxx) so codewise it will be pretty much the same and easily to port.

      For existing user (HW v3) there will be two or three compiles of the latest firmware with each a subset of the features. They can flash the version they need at that time.

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