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Live video of @tweet_tree on USTREAM (sorry, WordPress wouldn’t let us embed it). Send colors or color codes to @tweet_tree on Twitter, watch the tree change. The broadcast has ended, thanks to everyone who gave us a light show with Twitter!

@tweet_tree understands color names (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple) and custom 24bit color codes (*ff0000=red, *00ff00=green, *0000ff=blue). You can send multiple colors in the same tweet, but they’ll be played backwards from last to first. New tweets are grabbed every 60 seconds.

@tweet_tree is a stand-alone network appliance based on our open source, business card size web platform. The web platform is available as a kit for $35, including worldwide shipping. Seeed Studio can assemble yours for $5 more.

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  1. Bill Owens says:

    Obviously *I* think this is a cool project, but I have to tell you, my kids absolutely love the idea of a Twitter-controlled Christmas tree. And it’s especially appropriate since this is the “soldering holiday” – three kits waiting for each of them under the tree, beginning with a Lux Spectralis. And I let them open that one early, so we got the first few components soldered on last night. . .

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